What are Digital Twins and its significance?

What are Digital Twins and its significance?

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What are Digital Twins?

One of the topmost emerging technologies in the current modern era of technology is Digital Twin. The concept of Digital Twin is the convergence of the physical and virtual world in which every industrial project will have a dynamic digital representation. The concept of Digital Twin has become cost-effective all thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). Also, Digital Twins has been named as Gartner’s top 10 strategic technology trends for 2017.

In simple words, Digital Twin is a virtual model of any product or service. This combination of physical and virtual world makes it easy to analyze data and monitor all the future coming problems even before they occur. With the help of Digital Twin, it has been made easy to take steps carefully and predict the problems which may occur in the future and how we can tackle it. This is all done with the help of simulation.

How does it work?

If you ever want to imagine Digital Twin, you can always imagine it as a bridge between the physical and digital world. To put it in simpler words, digital twin exists both in physical as well as a virtual world.

All the sensors and smart components for gathering data in real-time, working conditions are integrated with a physical item. Then all these components are connected to cloud-based systems which receive and processes all the data monitored by sensors. The input data is then analyzed. The best characteristics of Digital Twin are that it can be created even before the physical system is built. This flow of data and insights are very helpful in creating and building the physical system based on the Digital Twin concept.

Some of the definitions of Digital Twin are as follows:

“A Digital Twin is an integrated multiphysics, multiscale, probabilistic simulation of an as-built vehicle or system that uses the best available physical models, sensor updates, fleet history, etc., to mirror the life of its corresponding flying twin”

-Glaessgen and Stargel (2012)

“Digital twin is a real mapping of all components in the product life cycle using physical data, virtual data and interaction data between them”

Tao, Sui, Liu, Qi, Zhang, Song, Guo, Lu & Nee, (2018)

What is the significance of Digital Twin?

Digital twin helps companies improve customer experience, their needs, by better understanding and developing improvement in systems which already exists and help bringing innovation. Billions of things can be represented by digital twins because of its monitoring, analytical, and predictive capabilities. Building a virtual product, system, or service and testing it before it even takes a physical form, product, system, or service can help in saving billions of expenditure on any product.

There are many applications of the digital twin in the current industry. Some of which are as follows

Smart cities

Digital twin technology can help in building smart cities with the help of IoT. It can really help in saving resources, understanding and improving economic development. Various sensors and intelligent systems can help in building a smart city and making it more efficient. The data and insights from digital twin can help in understanding the future better for the cities.


Digital twin technology can change the whole automobile industry. Before building a physical prototype of any vehicle, the digital twin can help in creating a virtual model of the vehicle and simulate the working of the vehicle by collecting data and working on it. It can also help in delivering personalized service to the customers.


Patient monitoring, preventive measures and maintenance, and providing personalized healthcare can be achieved via digital twin technology. Also paired with IoT it can help taking healthcare to a whole another level.


Digital twin technology can help the manufacturing sector a lot. Improving the design of the product, how they are manufactured and maintained. The manufacturing process can be more efficient and optimized with the help of a digital twin.

These are some applications of digital twin technology. Feel free to comment and list more applications of digital twin technology in the comment section.

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