Top 15 useful and best extensions for chrome

Top 15 useful and best extensions for chrome

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Internet is a big place, a black-hole which will suck you into its singularity. To surf the waves of the internet, we all use different browsers which act like our surfboard. Some use Opera, some folks use Firefox and some use chrome. These browsers make life easy. But what makes easy easier are the extensions of the browsers. Extensions are the perks we get with our favorite browser. Extensions are the small software program which completely customizes the browsing experience. It helps the users to shape the behavior and functionality.
An extension is built using on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. A single extension can have a range of functionalities but it all comes down to a single function it is designed for. Extensions can be a simple icon showing the number of unread emails or block advertisements. These extensions are available on extension store of our browser. Some extensions are paid and some are free. There is also a third category which is freemium which basically are free extensions, but some services are premium and in order to unlock those features users have to pay for required services. Let us check out some of the great extensions for Google Chrome.

1. LastPass

LastPass can make your life easier with its awesome but simple functionality. It stores all your passwords online in an encrypted form. It is a freemium password manager. The standard version of LastPass comes with a web interface, but also includes a plugin for chrome browser and others. With LastPass, you only have to remember one password, which is the master password of LastPass. We can also add a Credit card and shopping profiles into the LastPass. You can organize all your passwords with this simple yet amazing extension.


Grammarly is an amazing and a must-have extension if you are into writing docs, messages, emails or content. If you are a blogger like me, then Grammarly can improve the content we write. It corrects spellings, sentences and grammar. Even the smallest error is detected in Grammarly. It will help you everywhere like Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, and Twitter as well. Grammarly will cover all the mistakes we make unknowingly while we write a simple mail to lengthy blog articles. So next time you doubt your grammar, don’t worry! Grammarly got you covered.

3. TinEye

If pictures amuse you and you are into it then TinEye extension is for you. The function of this extension is very simple, if you ever stumble across a picture and finding its source is getting difficult, TinEye can help you find the source. It uses a reverse image searching algorithm which focuses on the closest matching image instead of just similarities. This makes easy to find HD, original images and also checking fakes. Also, this extension is easy to use, just a couple of clicks and there you go, you just found your image’s source.


If you want to show the source of information, where you got it then this extension is for you. Be it an essay or presentation, this extension will easily cite that information for you. The use of this extension is very simple, if you want to cite any information then visit that website and Cite this for me will generate a well and correctly formatted citation. After that, you can simply copy and paste that citation into whichever paper or assignment. The size of the extension is only 391KiB. We often hear good things come in small packages. This is the perfect example of that phrase.

5. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS i.e Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured, as the name suggests this extension makes your website visits secured. It automatically switches thousands of websites from Http to secure https. It protects you from any form of surveillance and account hijacking and all other form of censorship. You can always disable and enable this extension, it is pretty simple. HTTPS is developed by EFF and TOR project. HTTPS extension can save you from an unwanted situation.


If you are into research and read a lot of content online, then this extension can ease your work. Be it video, articles or anything else, you can save any content with this extension. If you find anything interesting and thing that it can be useful for later reading, then just save it pocket and you can view or read it later for further reading. With this extension, you can one-click save anything. It embeds itself in the toolbar and whenever you feel the need to save, just one click and save it. It also syncs with all your devices like phones, i-pads, and other devices. This is a free extension but you can upgrade to premium and experience much more features.

7. DropBox

If you work on multiple computers in the office as well as home, it is difficult to manage the work. When your work is writing and saving things which can be completed later. DropBox is the perfect solution for solving that problem. Save the incomplete work on the dropbox account, go home or any place where you can connect to the internet, download the file from dropbox and complete it. You can also use dropbox to share work with your colleagues or boss. Dropbox can be accessed by multiple people to check and read. Dropbox gives free 2GB of space for free users, and you can also buy more space if needed. Isn’t that makes DropBox great extension to have on your toolbar?


Well, we have seen a lot of extensions for blog writers and content writer. Now it is time to mention extension for our developer brothers who work hard to develop these extensions. Web Developer is a very useful extension for developers as adds a toolbar button with different kind of web developer tools. This extension can do more than Google inspector; you can easily add outlines to elements by just a simple click and find all the broken images. Now that is a sigh of relief for all the programmers out there.


iMacros extensions make developers, as well as testers, work very easy. iMacros extension for chrome saves certain mouse clicks and key presses and reuse them with a single click. Now all the testers out there don’t have to do the tedious and repetitive work, again and again, a single click and your work are sorted. This is very useful in regression testing like navigating different pages, filling some forms, etc. iMacros extension can save a lot of time of developer and also help them.

10. PushBullet

If you have an android phone and get often get distracted by the notifications on your phone, then PushBullet is the solution for you. PushBullet brings all your notifications onto your computer so that you don’t have to peak into your phones for the disturbance. It can conveniently send and receive SMS from your computer. You can also reply to WhatsApp messages, KiK, and Facebook messages too. If you dismiss the notification on your computer, then it gets dismissed from your phone too. Isn’t that amazing.


Todoist is a simple extension; you can write your to-do work and do your work simultaneously. It replaces a new tab in your browser, write your task and keep track of things. You can save task using a single click, also can save articles, save gift ideas on Amazon, IMDB movie pages, also Google docs for later reference. It even works offline and you can highlight and prioritize your work with todoist.

12. WebRank SEO

WebRank SEO is a useful extension for those who are in website analysis. It gives you complete information on the website which includes Complete Rank and Quantcast Rank, Alexa Rank, Traffic graphs, backlinks, and pages indexed. You can simply analyze all your competitors in a single click. With this extension, you can also see Whois information on the website, and check your growth and compare it with your competitors by just single click.

13. Google Dictionary

If you ever stumble across a word while reading on the internet and you wonder what this word means, then you don’t need to go to another tab and search for it. Google Dictionary by Google is the perfect solution to this problem. All you have to do is double click the word to view its definition in a bubble. Also, you can see the complete definition of any word or phrase using the toolbar dictionary.

14. Data Saver

We often go to different places, and those different places have a different type of internet connections. Sometimes we have to use our phone’s hotspot to visit some important websites when the internet is not available. Data saver can compress and save the data in case of a slow internet connection. Though one limitation of the extension is it only works in non-HTTPS websites and in non-incognito mode, but it still helps to save some data on HTTP websites. You can also view how much data is used while visiting any website by simply clicking ‘details’.

15. Earth View from Google Earth

Earth view from Google Earth extensions simply adds beauty to Chrome. Whenever you open a new tab, a beautiful image from Google Earth is always present to welcome you. Every new tab welcomes you with different high-resolution stills from Google Earth. You can also view the history of last 10 tab images with extension. Also, explore all 1500 images in the gallery. I personally use this extension, and it feels amazing using this extension.

These are 15 top picked most useful and best extensions in my opinion for Google Chrome. If you have any other extensions which can take place or replace any extension in this list, feel free to add express your views in the comment section.

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