Redmi Note 7 pro is on the verge of launching and people are very excited about the launch as the phone has packed some of the best specs sold in the market currently. The reason behind writing this article is to tell you the reasons to buy Remi Note 7 Pro. This phone is surely … Read moreBUY REDMI NOTE 7 PRO!

7 most promising technologies of future

Technology is evolving every single second, if you blink an eye there is some change in the technology. Every second it is growing and something new is being invented. These technologies are for the betterment of Humankind. Engineers and scientists are taking great efforts in creating high tech inventions to ease human life and make … Read more7 most promising technologies of future

Upcoming games in 2019

Upcoming Games 2019

2018 was a good year for gaming, we got mixed games which were awesome and some gave us a bitter disappointment too. But let us not think that 2019 will be the same. There any many titles which will make upcoming year astounding. I have compiled the list of some of the games which will … Read moreUpcoming games in 2019