How gamers earn money

How gamers earn money

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In the era where everything is digitalized, gaming has also scooped its chunk. The professional scene of gaming has changed drastically. Gaming now has become an industry where the money flows as water does. And that’s good news for all gamers out there. Every gamer has an idol that he follows and tries to imitate his play style. The group of friends playing together has turned into international teams and organizations. Gaming has become a BIG thing now.

Now, gaming tournaments help in stadiums and arenas instead of local café. Every gamer aspires to be a professional player and wants to get noticed. The money gaming industry has, every gamer wants a scoop of it. Players like Edward, Miracle, Dendi, Guardian and many more and earning so much that we can only dream of. But have we thought of the way they are earning so much. You must be thinking, DUH!! Of course international tournaments, but now there are other ways too they earn and not even them, we gamers can also earn a little bit too. Want to know how? Let me give a list of ways how to have fun playing and earn some cash too.


  1. YouTube Streaming.


We all heard of YouTube as a great way to watch out favorite videos and listen to songs, and also YouTubers having millions of subscribers earning cash with it. Many professional gamers have their YouTube channels and upload their gameplay videos on the channel. Also, live streaming is a great way of gaining those precious subscribers. All we have to do is make a YouTube account and link your Google ad sense account with it. An Adsense is a program by Google which advertises the advertisements on blogs, videos, and websites. The more views our videos are getting, the more money we make from advertisements. And even a normal casual gamer can do that. All you need are these two accounts linked to each other. Now does that sound that tough to do?


  1. Twitch Streams.


Twitch is also a great streaming platform which many professional gamers, as well as hardcore gamers, use. If you are good at some game and want to show the world how good you play, Twitch is a great platform to showcase it. Twitch is a live game streaming platform by Twitch Interactive, owned by Amazon. There are two ways to earn money from Twitch streaming, one is Twitch partnership program and the other one is fans donation. Once you become a Twitch partner, you can start advertising on your streams. Streamers can choose the frequency of an ad and also the length of the ad and get paid according to the views, let’s say per 1000 views. To apply for Twitch partnership, you must have 500+ average views on your streams. If you are not in the Twitch partnership program, then the only way to earn money is through the fans donation. So if you have that hardcore gameplay and want to show the world and earn some money in the process, don’t wait!! Go and stream your gameplay and let the world know that you also have what it takes.


  1. Local Tournaments.


We gamers love to show off our gameplay and local tournaments is a way to show your friends how well you good you are and the skills you have you have got.  And also it is a good way to earn some extra bucks and start your gaming career. At least it gives you a lift off.  I know local tournaments don’t give you a lot of money and fame, but it’s a good gaming career boost when it comes to your commitment. Gaming involves a lot of struggle but competing in local gaming tournaments can give you an extra bonus plus confidence where you can give it a try.  I personally have earned enough to build my own gaming PC.


  1. Beta Testing video games


Well, I know this may sound skeptical but yes testing beta versions of games can also earn you some cash. I didn’t some research on this and I learned that it can earn you cash up to $64k just to test the games and report some bugs in the game. Sounds like a joke isn’t it? But it is true. Well, let’s see what beta testing is when developers finish developing a game they let people test it to see if there are any bugs or glitches and there you have a chance to shine because often in gameplay we see some bugs and glitches. All you have to do is report these bugs and glitches and you will be rewarded. Their rewards depend, you will get some high prices goodies in-game or some cash rewards.  Whatever the thing is goodies can also be exchanged for cash with new players or you can have some edging advantage with it.



  1. Professional scene


Yes, the key element of gaming hard becoming a professional in any game to reach a certain level is a dream come true. We often dream of getting recruited for the team which we love or follow the most.  Well, at least I do!!  The professional scene is all about getting money from sponsors and making a livelihood out of gaming. Gaming is a good career choice as these days major tournaments are being organized and we gamers can get a chunk out of it. But playing so much continuously costs something, but the fame and money that comes with it can range from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. But we have to be so good that we get selected for the team which performs up to that level.


These are top 5 earning sources how a gamer makes money out of the things we love. Make sure you list our more sources you know how gamers earn money in the comment section.

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