Experience with iOS 13- Beta

Experience with iOS 13- Beta

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WWDC 2019 wrapped up and techies rejoiced by the launch of new goodies from Apple. The new iPhones, iPad, Apple TV+, Apple arcade, and the new Series 5 Apple watch launched this year made WWDC event a successful one. But with all the big stuff which hit the shelves, there is one thing I wanted to hear more about, which is iOS 13. I am excited about iOS 13 update on 19th September. Well, it is too much to wait for, so I decided to try iOS 13 beta and I am going to share my experience of iOS 13.

Before that getting iOS, 13 beta installed on your device is easy, download the Apple Beta profile from here:  Apple Beta Software Program and install it on your device. After installing the beta profile, check for software update and it will show right up on update screen. Let the phone download the update and install and voila you are using the latest iOS 13. Though installing beta can have some malfunctions, some services or apps may not behave normally because of under-developed iOS but still, it is a risk worth taking for.

Dark Mode

Yes, the most awaited feature of iOS 13 Dark Mode can now is toggled from the setting menu or directly from the control center. Though Dark Mode is only supported on native apps, other apps may incorporate it in the future. Dark Mode is pretty much amazing though, the dark theme makes the phone just look astonishing. It reduces the strain on the eyes of the user making it comfortable to use in darkness or in low light.

It is a hot trend and many themes have been released to give you a feel because it looks cool. Though many users already figured out the invert color option to get a feel of Dark Mode, in some apps it also inverts the color of the photos which makes them unable to view properly. SO with the iOS 13 beta, you can take a dig at Dark Mode.

A makeover of Assistive touch

Most of the iPhone users use AssistiveTouch to get most of their iPhone or iPad. With the help of AssistiveTouch user can easily perform actions like 3D touch or pinch to zoom with just a tap or open up control center. To enable Assistive touch Open Settings>Accessibility>Touch> AssistiveTouch>ON. After turning it on, you can see a semi-transparent shaped square with a white circle will appear on your screen.

In iOS 13, the look of the AssistiveTouch has changed. The appearance of options in AssistiveTouch has changed. Earlier in pre-iOS 13 devices, the options were slightly larger in size than that of iOS 13. So AssistiveTouch had a makeover in iOS 13 and it looks pretty good in my opinion.

3D Touch is no more

Don’t panic!! 3D touch is still there, but now users don’t have pressure-press the app icon to get 3D Touch options but to firmly long-press the app icon and 3D Touch options will appear. The most amazing thing is the iPad is also going to receive QuickActions for the first time. iPad never has the Quick Actions because they lacked 3D touch in them.

Uninstalling Apps

Deleting apps on the iPad or iPhone is really easy now. Just go to App Store, under the Apps sections click on Account icon and from there you can easily left swipe the app you want to remove from the device. This is really convenient as the earlier user has to long-press the app icon and click the ‘X’ to remove any app. The real pain in this process was user had to go through all the screens to search for the app he/she wants to remove, and if you are a user like me who likes to keep lots of apps, this can be really a time-consuming process.

AirDrop takes a hit

AirDrop has changed a lot with the new iOS 13 update. Earlier when a user had to share any file(for example, a photo), he/she can easily do that from share screen and AirDrop to the device displayed. However, in iOS 13 the user now has to click on AirDrop and then tap on Available device in order to select the person he/she has to send a file to.

This is an extra step which I think is really not a better step in improving usability. Earlier it was very convenient, but adding an extra step makes it a less liked feature.

WiFi and Bluetooth Settings

Earlier connecting to any Bluetooth device or WiFi network was a real pain in the ass as the user had to go to setting app then WiFi or Bluetooth screen in order to get connected to any network or device. Now just open up control center and long-press WiFi or Bluetooth icon and it opens a list of available devices. It is really convenient in my point of view. This feature is available in Android for a long time, but iPhone and iPad have received it with iOS 13. This is by far one of the best features in my opinion and directly competes with Dark Mode.

Apple Sign-in

Apple has stepped-up by bringing the new Apple sign-in feature to rival other companies like Google and Facebook which uses your credentials to sign-in into apps. But the thing is Apple will not use your sign-in info to sell ads or track you. All the third-party apps will have an option now to sign-in with Apple along with Google and Facebook sign-in.


Volume control

In iOS 13 whenever you will increase or decrease the volume on any Apple device, the user often sees a big block of volume control on the screen which is displeasing, but now in iOS 13, whenever the user turns the volume up and down it just displays a small bar at the left side of the screen. This makes the phone look better than that of annoying big black block. It also works toggling between the silent mode and ringing mode, just a small rounded rectangle appears on the top of the screen.

This was my experience with the new yet to come iOS 13, feel free to share your views.

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