A Complete guide to Jio Fiber- All you need to know

A Complete guide to Jio Fiber- All you need to know

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Recently there has been a lot of buzz about the new Jio service which hit the market on 5th September, known as Jio Fiber. Though it is only in beta phase the full potential of Jio Fiber is yet to be unleashed, people are not quite aware of what Jio Fiber is and how it is going to make our life easier. So let us take an in-depth look about what the entire buzz is about and what exactly Jio Fiber is.

What is Jio Fiber?
According to the official website of Jio, Jio Fiber is the technology of the future which offers the ultimate broadband experience to surf, game, and work.
Jio Fiber claims to beats its competitors by providing users with ultrafast upload and download speed, or so as it boasts.

All the plans, pricing, and speed details have been announced by the company. Jio Fiber offers premium internet plans up to 1Gbps, with base plans starting at a mere price of ₹699 and it increases the speed and data limit goes higher into more premium segment.
Plan details of Jio Fiber

The planning scheme of Jio Fiber is divided into 6 classes namely: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium. The plans can be subscribed on a monthly basis, 3-month subscription, or yearly basis. Longer-term plans in Jio Fiber gives more benefits to the user as compared to a monthly subscription.

The monthly plans of Jio Fiber can range from ₹699 to ₹8,499. Let us have a glance at monthly plans of Jio Fiber.

Bronze: Starting at the minimum price of ₹699, the Bronze plan offers the customers with 100GB+50GB monthly data at the speed of 100Mbps. The Bronze plan includes free voice calls, TV video calling which is 1200/year, Zero-Latency gaming, Norton device sharing, and a bunch of other goodies which include 3 months of JioSaavn, JioCinema, and other OTT(Over-the-top) apps.

Silver: The Silver plan of Jio Fiber starts at ₹849 and comes with 200GB monthly data and 200GB extra data at the speed of 100Mbps. Bronze plan’s goodies are included in the silver plan too.

Gold: A little higher price of ₹1,249 gets the consumers Jio Fiber’s Gold Plan at the speed of 250Mbps and a monthly data cap of 500GB with 250GB extra data. Other goodies are also included in the Gold plans as available with Bronze and Silver plan.

Diamond: Diamond plan starts at ₹2,499 which provides consumers with speed up to 500Mbps and data cap of 1,250GB with extra 250GB data. All goodies are included in this plan either along with VR headset, first-day first show movies, and special sports content.

Platinum: This Jio Fiber plan is priced at ₹3,999 with the speed of 1Gbps with a monthly data cap of 2,500GB. The plan offers base plan goodies along with Diamond plan benefits.

Titanium: Priced at the staggering amount of ₹8,499 per month, the customers can enjoy the speed up to 1Gbps with the monthly data cap of 5000GB. The plan includes all the additional goodies which are bundled with the above other plans.

Long- term plans?
Jio Fiber also gives customers an option of Long-term plans which includes all the above-mentioned bundle package in Jio welcome offer, Reliance Jio Fiber customers can enjoy Jio Home Gateway which is worth ₹5,000 and 4K set-top-box which is worth ₹6,900. The higher the prices go; customers can enjoy more benefits in long-term plans too.

Jio Fiber prepaid plans

How to get Jio Fiber?
To get Jio Fiber connection, customers have to register on the official Jio website. The process is very simple, customers just need to enter their phone number, receive and OTP (One-time-password) and feed it in the website along with other details which include address, and email-id. Soon the representative from Jio will give you a call regarding all the details and installation of Jio Fiber broadband.
Installation charge of ₹2,500 has to be paid during installation which included security deposit of ₹1,500 and non-refundable fees of ₹1,000.

How is Jio Fiber better than your current broadband connection?

Well, Jio Fiber claims to provide high-speed internet connection based on Fiber Optic Technology. Unlike traditional broadband connection which installs Optic Fiber for connection and patches the last few meters of end connection with traditional cable which reduces the end result, Jio Fiber claims to provide Optic Fiber directly to your home which increases the end output exponentially. Jio Home Gateway also supports Wi-Fi if you’re not sure if Wi-Fi can be used on Jio Fiber.

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