10 Things I learnt switching from Android to Apple iOS

10 Things I learnt switching from Android to Apple iOS

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The debate between Android users and iOS users is a never-ending battle. Some users vouch for Andoird and some users vouch for iOS. This heated debate goes on every thread and every discussion websites. The Android platform gives different user experience to different user due to the fact that every manufacturer tweaks Android according to their accords. And iOS, on the other hand, gives same experience to every iOS user as the devices are manufactured by Apple only. This sometimes can be very convenient because you don’t have to switch and buy high-end phones to get smoother and better user experience.
I switched to Apple iPhone couple of years ago and I have found 10 amazing changes by switching from Android to iOS. So let me tell you what I have learned from switching Android to iOS and how iOS beats Android and takes the upper hand.

Faster than Android
As I have mentioned earlier that Android is tweaked by every manufacturer according to them, however, iOS doesn’t do that on iPhones. This makes iOS and iPhones much faster than Android-based devices. This is due to the iOS optimization. Android phones sometimes hang and turn off while with iPhone you will not experience this problem, or even if you do it will be very less.

The simplest and easiest phone to use
By far the simplest and easiest phone to use is the iPhone. The simple user interface makes life very easier. You don’t need to install themes on the iPhone to make it look good and add goodies to it; the simple menu user interface makes it the ultimately easiest phone to use. Of course, there has been a lot of changes in the working and functionality of the iPhone, like the addition of Siri and control center but the basic functionality remains the same. This is why I would prefer iPhone over Android anytime.

Regular updates
Since I started using iPhone and been using from the past couple of years, and I am receiving regular updates on iOS which was not the case when I used Android. The problem with Android is that phones are limited to one update and the hardware specifications cannot handle the more advanced version of the newer Android operating system, while Apple devices are better at this, they can handle future updates very easily. I started on iOS 10 and now I am still receiving the update and currently at iOS 12. This is where iOS easily beats Android devices.

Receive Apps first
There are millions of apps on both PlayStore and App Store but when any new app is released, iOS’s App Store is the favored platform for all developers. Take the example of Instagram, it took 2 years to release on Android. iOS users received the app before 2 years. If you don’t want to get treated like a 2 class app-citizen, iOS is for you.

Useless bloatware
Bloatware is the software whose usefulness is reduced due to memory limitations. Many Android phones are preloaded with this kind of bloatware, and you have to follow special guide for removal of Bloatware in order to do so. On the other hand, iOS has zero bloatware. I never had to worry about bloatware on the iPhone because of its sophistication, while when I was on Android, various apps used to get installed automatically.

Apple iOS developers are dead serious when it comes to security on their devices, while Android phones are much less secure. iOS receives regular security and bug updates once in a while, while Android phone will receive it once in a year or two and then the updates suddenly stop. Even the iPhone X’s face unlock feature is more secure than Android phones are. Recently Android phones are also coming on the top-notch, but still, iPhone beats it. Along with iOS integration with iPhones hardware makes it far secure than Android phones.

No Confusion, Only Solution
Apple launches two or three devices every year and that too only differs from each other in screen size and storage space, while there are a variety of Android phones in the market. I used to charge my phone once a year and get confused with the variety of phones. On the other side of the coin, iOS devices are simple and sorted; I didn’t have to choose a lot from options. All I had to decide how much storage I want and if I want a plus-size device or normal size device

3-D touch is very handy
Earlier on android phones, I had to open any file, image, and video. But now after I am using iPhone, I don’t need to open up the entire file to see it, I just put a little pressure to the screen selecting the file and it pops up and gives me a preview of the file, image and even the video starts playing. It is very much more comfortable than to wait for the whole file to open and load. This is what makes 3D touch a must-have feature.

Accessories are wide
I know a lot of people will say that accessories are also available for android, but when it comes to the iPhone, they have the best quality of accessories. I use airpods and they feel amazing. The voice quality is simply awesome, and they don’t fall from years. I often wear airpods while doing my other work and I can assure you, it is quite useful. When it comes to android I didn’t find much of accessories which are supported and are of good quality.

Nobody can deny it, even the android users know that Apple has the best support ever. Last year I updated my iPhone overnight and somehow it broke, it wasn’t getting turned on. I went to Apple Care and they simply replaced my iPhone in 7 days and also provided me with a spare phone for 7 days to use. This is what makes the iPhone much better than of Android phones.

I don’t want to praise iOS here or I don’t have any contract with Apple to promote iOS devices, these are my personal opinions which I developed while using my iPhone. Many people can have a different opinion, based on their experience so I request you, people, to share your experience in the comment section below.

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